Wayland is the capital city of Broadshore, and easily the most heavily fortified on the island. The city is comprised from an immense amount of stone, all mined from a large deposit of stone in Northcliff, and thus the structure of the buildings is all made from that same material.


Founded by Commander Quentin Way during the rebellion, Wayland was used as a military stronghold to fight against Ironhome’s military might. Knowing that Ironhome’s Navy would simply bombard and overwhelm Stonewell, Way made it a point to move his forces inland and with the help of the local druids, Broadshore was able to successfully secede from Ironhome.

Notable Locations

  • The Colosseum: Located near the center of Wayland, The Colosseum was used as a primary means of entertainment in the city. Chariot races, duels, and jousts are some of the familiar events in the arena, and seats around 2,000 people, with a box seat near the top dedicated for the mayor and his guests.

Recent Events

It has recently come to light that due to a powerful artifact corrupting the Arcane Advisor, Davril Hawklight, mayor Jesper Krass, along with the rest of Wayland’s Advisory Council, were murdered. Druids from Greenhold have stepped in to help fill the power vacuum this has created, and to restore the mayorship fairly. Hawlight has been detained in Ironhome, where he awaits trial for his actions.


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